Integrative solutions with hydrogen

As a project developer in the hydrogen industry, we are working on national and international solutions. The main approach is to integrate green hydrogen as smooth as possible into existing value chains. Among other things we are involved in the following projects in Germany.





Hydrogen Valley

Imagine that a region in Germany is gaining importance not only nationally but also internationally because of its pioneering work in the establishment of a hydrogen based economy. For that, the Elbe-Weser area is predestined. With the regionally generated energy from wind and solar power, electrolysers can produce hydrogen, which is then used in different applications.

And that idea is not so far from today’s possibilities! You can find here the first hydrogen train which offers its service between Buxtehude and Cuxhaven. Both the local industry and the port operations in Cuxhaven can be converted sustainably to renewable energies through the hydrogen produced in the Elbe-Weser region.

And we are working on that idea!

Green Harbour – Cuxhaven

Based in the region of the Hydrogen Valley, the harbour in Cuxhaven is meant to be re-designed and to become “green” in the interests of climate change. Also here hydrogen plays a major role.

With regard to the efforts of one of the most attractive tourist destinations along the North Sea to become a starting point for cruise ships again, it raises the question how the ships can be supplied with energy during their lay time so that as few as possible greenhouse gas emissions burden the air on site. The aim is to create a port infrastructure based on a climate-friendly energy supply system.

Also in this project, we are in the process of following our words with action and actively promoting the establishment of a hydrogen powered port in Cuxhaven.