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Looking at the international mobility we perceive that most of it is based on fossil fuels. The society is increasingly required to switch to alternative engines to stop polluting the environment.

Regarding the market for electric vehicles, the debate often revolves around a competing ratio of battery-electric drives and those whose energy is derived from a fuel cell. But both technologies are complementary rather than competing, as they meet different requirements. Switching freight and long-distance transport as well as aviation and shipping to hydrogen based fuel engines shows great advantages towards the battery:

  • Technology reacts insensitive to environmental influences (e.g. cold)
  • Fuelling process is similar to the existing handling (gasoline & diesel)
  • Fuel cell vehicles are predestined for long distances
  • Hydrogen can be used as the only seasonal long-term storage
  • Water is infinite

At this point concepts are urgently needed which enable the passenger and freight traffic, to change fuel cell drives with sustainably produced (= green) hydrogen, while the price of the fuel remains affordable.