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Large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by the industry and in order to that the climate policy goal of the Paris two-degree target also poses major challenges for this sector. Individual infrastructure solutions can help companies to produce the green gas by themselves or to acquire hydrogen the most efficient way.

If hydrogen is needed in industry, it is often used in the production of ammonia. Furthermore, the gas is used for the desulfurization of heavy oils or the steel industry.

But the application of hydrogen is not limited to these industries. In the decarbonisation of this sector, the green gas can be used as an energy source for processes and machines in addition to its direct use.

All industries are addressed here. For example, the range of H2 technology already includes forklift trucks whose propulsion system is based on hydrogen.

But if we do it, we’ll make it right! This is our guiding principle also in the project development of infrastructure solutions for industrial companies. We do not just switch your plants to hydrogen based systems or offer you alternative technology on how to reduce your company’s CO2 emissions. We start even earlier within the hydrogen supply chain and also ensure an optimal value chain for the required green hydrogen.