Green Hydrogen

The use of hydrogen directly as a gas or indirectly as an energy carrier is not an innovation that has to be proven on the market. Hydrogen, currently the second most traded gas in the world, is used primarily by refineries and the petrochemical industry. In addition to this already well-established application of the gas, hydrogen plays a significant role on the topic of energy turnaround, as it can store large amounts of energy.

The big disadvantage of the existing manufacturing processes, however, is that the gain of this gas is burdened with high CO2 emissions by the use of heavy oil or natural gas.

But an entirely green energy balance of hydrogen is possible and most of all necessary! We achieve this through the use of electrolyzers, in which green hydrogen is produced from water and renewable energies. This green hydrogen can then make its contribution to CO2-free mobility, industry and energy supply in the next step.