Marco Schmidt

Managing Partner

Marco Schmidt studied construction management in Oldenburg, Germany. After some years in the US, he has now 20 successful years of entrepreneurship in Hamburg mainly within the energy market in his vita.

“With passion I am looking for innovative Business cases and as the CEO of Hydrogentle I am able to push Hydrogen to take a vital role in the energy market.”

“As an investor I am looking for ideas that last on the long run. In my eyes Hydrogen has the potential to be a sustainable choice for global energy solutions.”

David Wenger


David Wenger studied at the ETH Zürich and did his doctorate at the TU Munich in thermodynamics. Since 2007 he runs a leading research and development centre with the focus on renewable energy, e-mobility and resource efficiency.

“As a founder of the Hydrogentle GmbH I can actively lead the energy transition. With fourteen years of experience in the business and a worldwide network, I am in charge of technical aspects.”

“In the year 2050 – the year which is often referred to in the Paris climate act, my sons are in the mid 30´s. If they then still have a world of beauty, we have to act now. Hydrogen as an energy carrier is a must have to fulfil that goal”

Marvin Krüger

Business Development

Marvin Krüger studied Energy Systems (B.Sc.) and International Management and Engineering (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). He successfully managed and performed technical projects in the field of fossil and renewable energies, thermal optimization, as well as production and hydrogen technology.

“Based on my experience from various technical projects, I am responsible for the analysis and conception of the projects”.

“Converting the global energy infrastructure from fossil to renewable sources is one of the biggest challenges of our time. It’s time to act. Hydrogen technology is THE key technology for sustainably changing the industry, mobility and energy landscape. “

Mara Wiese

Project Management

Mara Wiese studied Economics at the DHBW Heidenheim. After working in Paris Mara joined our Team as a Project Manager and Business Analyst.

“I support the team as project manager for the individual projects and the business development team with detailed analytics.”

“Working on a daily basis to make a positive impact on our climate is an interesting challenge.”