Our Fundamentals

Lots of years we are working in the renewable energy market and are part of the energy transition in Germany. After years of extraordinary developments in increasing the energy production, we evaluated more and more the most effective ways to store and distribute these enormous masses of energy.

Our answer: Hydrogen as an energy carrier!

On this basis we developed business cases that combine the production of renewable energy with the production and storage of hydrogen.

As founders we, Marco Schmidt and Dr. David Wenger, decided to join forces and within the Hydrogentle GmbH.


CreoVis GmbH

The CreoVis GmbH is acquiring highly interesting and profitable business cases, techniques and projects. We not only invest but bring in 20 years of Know -How to let ideas become reality. Most interesting for us are business cases that have the ability to make everyone’s live better.

Our partners can rely on the experience of successful engagements in the renewable energy sector aswell as logistics or healthcare. We take care of the business development and solve financial questions.


Wenger Engineering GMBH

The Team of Wenger Engineering GmbH helps companies from Japan to the Silicon Valley as an external research and development centre for thermodynamics, flow-mechanics and functional mechanics to lift their products up to a new level.

The focus is on renewable energy, e-mobility and resource efficiency. 100 out of the total 450 projects optimized the components for FCEV´s, Hydrogen fuel stations and power to gas facilities.

For the work on the SAE J2601, the worldwide guiding standards for H2-fueling infrastructure, Wenger Engineering received the “Ralph H. Isbrandt” Award for Safety in the automobile sector by the American SAE.,