Who we can count on

Due to our partner-network, we are able to use the services of specialized companies quick and reliable. Among others we can count on international Teams in project management and logistics.

EuroTanking GmbH

Specialised in warehousing services, EuroTanking is a partner that helps us with transportation and storage solutions for goods with special characteristics such as hydrogen.



Ingenion GmbH is a company which offers project management services in the energy and offshore installations sectors. In addition to numerous projects implemented in the energy industry, Ingenion possesses experiences in plant engineering.


EnTec Industrial Services GmbH & Co. KG

Based in Cuxhaven, EnTec represents a specialist in operation of unique industrial plants. Also as a partner for warehousing and logistic services, we can rely on an experienced team.



“Hydrogen.Moves.Us.” H2BX does a fantastic job of networking and overall information in the “Elbe-Weser”-region. We are a member.